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We have many services and packages available. (See partial list below)
Please contact us at help [at] mac-am [dot] com with your questions.
We specialize in small educational institutions, small businesses, households, and individuals.

Mac-AM™& Mac-AM Logo © Oliver Meyer 2010
A division of Prime Numeral Ent.

  • Data Recovery
  • Ram, Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Battery, Keyboard Repair & Replacement
  • Hardware Set-Up; Purchasing Consultation
  • Hardware Cleaning & Disassembly; Power Management Best Practices & Safety
  • Warranty, Registration, and Extended Support Management
  • Safe & Proper Re-/Un/Installation
  • Defragmentation; Partitioning; Cache/'temp' Clearing
  • Mal-/Spy-/Adware and Virus Removal & Protection
  • Software Productivity Advising; Purchasing Assistance
  • Content & Parental Controls; Monitoring; Banned File Clearing
  • Software Version Commonality & Compatibility Control
    Data Backup & Security
  • On/Off-Site HD Backup; Online Advising; Mac-AM FTP servers
  • Local Server Setup* (with FreeBSD OS: File Serving for all platforms; + Active Directory for Windows)
  • Multi-User Environment Security
  • Password Storage & Security
    Networking & Communications
  • Wireless/Wired Local Area Network Set-Up, Migration, Upgrade, and Reorganization
  • On-Site (Local) E-Mail Server, and Webhosting Server Setup
  • Website Consultation & Assistance (We no longer do the actual design/implementation)
  • Website Hosting; Content Hosting
  • Firewall and Network Security Best Practices
  • E-Mail, (S)FTP: Set-Up and Migration Protocols, Efficiency, and Training
    Custom How-To Guides & Tutorials
  • Adding E-Mail Signatures, Away/Vacation-Responders (Auto-Responders), Multi-Device Access. (As per your institution's E-Mail Host, etc.)
  • Managing YOUR printer; Remote/Network Printing Guide
  • File Sharing, Backup, Remote Login, Screen Sharing, etc. (ALL GUIDES CUSTOMISED FOR YOUR SPECIFIC ENVIRONMENT!)
    Mac Training Courses & Tutoring
  • Courses Available (or Created on Demand) for your Institution; Tailored and Adjusted to needs/desires. Suitable for different group sizes.
  • Personal Training in most Microsoft Office, iWork, and Adobe Suite programs.
  • Private Tutoring in Mac Fluency for individuals/families.